A plea to Looky Loos from a fire affected resident

We live [in a fire affected area], a normally peaceful and safe street, which at times now feels more like at freeway. We have been overrun by people touring the affected areas (the top half of our street is gone). People are far too busy looking at the burned houses and hillside to pay any attention to the road. There are MANY SMALL CHILDREN living in the remaining houses - they used to ride their tricycles up and down the street, play games in front of their homes and walk freely to and from their friends houses. Now it can be dangerous for an adult to walk on our street. Our children have already been severely traumatized. Many were hauled out of their beds with blankets over their heads to protect them from burning ash. Some are having nightmares and ALL OF THEM just want their lives to return to normal. I understand that all of Kelowna shares in our grief and wants to see what has happened, but what we need right now is privacy so we can reassure our children and reclaim what is left of our neighbourhood . PLEASE, PLEASE, stop touring our streets.