Stage 7 (Southeast Kelowna) - Road Names and Address Ranges
Re-entry as of 2:00 PM August 28/03
City of Kelowna Street Name (Alphabetical) Details (unless all)
Balldock Rd.  south side 
Delphern Ct. 
Field Rd. 
Gallaghers Blvd. S. 
Gallaghers Canyon Blvd.
Gallaghers Circle
Gallaghers Cr. 
Gallaghers Crossway
Gallaghers Dr. E. 
Gallaghers Dr. W. 
Gallaghers Fairway S. 
Gallaghers Forest S. 
Gallaghers Grange
Gallaghers Green
Gallaghers Grove
Gallaghers Lookout
Gallaghers Parkland
Gallaghers Parkway
Gallaghers Pinnacle Way
Gallaghers Terrace
Gallaghers Woodland Dr. S. 
Gardenia Court
Goodison Rd. 
Harvard Rd. 
Jaud Rd.  4395 and 4405
Jean Rd. 
June Springs Rd.  Up to and including 4395. Properties beyond (south of) the City of Kelowna Boundary remain Evacuated
Lancaster Ct. 
Luxmoore Rd. 
MacLean Road odd only
Mahonia Dr. S. 
Mahonia Drive
Mathews Rd.  3240 +
McCulloch Rd.  4055 to 5457 (West of City of Kelowna Boundary) 
Miller Rd. 
Robina Court
Ruth Rd. 
Sallows Rd.  South and East sides between Stewart Road East and Harvard Road
Seddon Rd. 
Wisteria Court