News Release No. 27                    

Date:   Saturday, August 23, 2003       

Time:   9:30 p.m.


PUBLIC INFO LINE:                                          869-0386

PRC RECEPTION CENTRE:                            762-8646

KSS RECEPTION CENTRE:                           762-3149


PROVINCIAL INFO LINE:                                 1-800-311-7044




The fire commissioner has issued a rescind order for people evacuated from the north side of Highway 33 East, including the upper Rutland bench area, Ellison and Postill Lake area. Those people having a Highway 33 East address are permitted to return to their homes regardless of the side of the highway they reside.


Those people returning to their homes are now under Evacuation Alert. This means residents must remain to be prepared to leave their homes if fire conditions change and an Evacuation Order is re-issued.


The RCMP roadblock on Highway 33 will stay in place until all homeowners return to the area. Residents returning to their homes will require picture identification before being allowed re-entry.