News Release No. 29                    

Date:   Sunday, August 23, 2003 

Time:   6:30 a.m.


PUBLIC INFO LINE:                                          869-0386

PRC RECEPTION CENTRE:                            762-8646

KSS RECEPTION CENTRE:                           762-3149


PROVINCIAL INFO LINE:                                 1-800-311-7044



Cooler temperatures and calm winds overnight helped firefighters clean up hot spots and push the fire back. Exhausted but hopeful firefighters are reporting that the wind is now pushing the fire back on itself. This is aiding their efforts to control the fire's encroachment on the City of Kelowna city limits. Fire guards are presently being constructed to allow a back burn on the east side of the fire.


At 8:20 a.m. on Saturday night the Fire Commissioner's office issued an Evacuation Order Rescind for the residents living north and on Highway 33 East. The area includes the upper Rutland bench, Joe Rich/Ellison and the Postill Lake area. Residents are allowed to return to their homes this morning, but will remain on Evacuation Alert, meaning they must continue to be ready to evacuate if the fire behaviour changes. Residents living south of Highway 33 will not be allowed home at this time.


There have been no additional changes to the Evacuation Orders and Evacuation Alerts issued by the Fire Commissioner earlier this week. The Fire Commissioner is presently reviewing the fire position and assessing the safety impacts to each neighbourhood. If any Evacuation Orders or Alerts change of if day passes will be issued, residents will be notified immediately through the media.


As was reported yesterday, there is a meeting arranged for residents who believe their properties were affected in the wildfire which swept through the south end of the City Friday night. Since the meeting date was set and the list of impacted streets was made public, three additional streets have been identified. Residents from Canyon View Court, Canyon Falls Court and Elridge Court in Crawford Estates are also invited to attend the meeting today.


The meeting will be held Sunday August 24th at 1:30 pm in Trinity Baptist Church, 1905 Springfield Road (the corner of Springfield and Spall).


Out of respect for property owners, this meeting is only open to accredited residents and is closed to the media.


Identification will be required for access to the meeting.  Only those property owners living on the following streets will be allowed inside the meeting: (Note: bold listings)


Okaview/Chute Lake Rd.  (range of addresses affected)






South Lakeshore


Staff from both the City of Kelowna and Regional District has been working hard to compile as much information as quickly as possible to assist residents living in areas affected by last night's fire. As of midnight August 23rd, 244 homes were identified as impacted by the fire.