News Release No. 49                    

Date:   Thursday, August 28, 2003      

Time:   10 a.m.


PUBLIC INFO LINE:                                          869-0386

PRC RECEPTION CENTRE:                            762-8646


PROVINCIAL INFO LINE:                                 1-800-311-7044




Another 1,338 residents will be allowed to return to their homes today in the upper levels of the Chute Lake Road, Southridge, Stonebridge and Summerhill neighbourhoods. Access will be for residents only between 12:00 noon and 4:00 p.m. to permit orderly re-entry.

The public is reminded that fire tape is in place in many locations in the impacted areas. The fire tape is there as a visual indication of hazards but no security is in place to restrict access. Safety and security of private property remains the responsibility of property owners.

It is recommended that property owners only grant access to those persons with a need to be on the affected property such as utility crews, contractors and insurance representatives. Access should be to utility crews, contractors and property owners only.Hazards such as dangerous trees, compromised structural components and ash pits may still exist.

The fire tape may be removed at the discretion of the property owner, however it is recommended that the tape remain in place as a visual reminder of the potential danger. It may be appropriate for property owners to consider other means of securing their properties.

City crews are removing some trees on private property that pose an obvious danger to public safety. The authority for this action has been granted under a Public Safety Order pursuant to the Provincial Declaration of Emergency. However, property owners are advised to retain the services of a certified arborist to evaluate the safety of all trees on private property, and to consult building professionals to assess structural hazards resulting from fire-impacted buildings.