Eyewitness Account of Saturday Night Gallagher's Canyon Fire

While dining with my parents at Gallaghers Canyon this Saturday evening we noticed an intense fire break out at 7:10 pm. It appeared to be 1km east, past Gallagher's Canyon turn off, down in the canyon. We reported it immediately and within two minutes a spotter helocopter showed up followed by 4 other large helocopters with water buckets within another two minutes. Ground crews were also on the scene within 10 minutes.

This fire seemed to have a large fuel source, as large black cloud and fire ball shot 100' plus into the air and started some trees on fire. Our guess was an auto may have gone off the very steep bank and ignited, as this has happened before.

Within 30 minutes, the smoke was gone and the fire was out. Another fantastic effort by the brave men and women risking their lives to save out forests and fair city.