Fiery Blaze


White clouds turn to gray,

Darker and darker by the day,

Green hills turn ablaze,

City streets start to haze,

Mother nature starts to rage,

Placing us in a fiery cage,

Scorching the mountain side,

Our fire fighters will not abide,

The fire snake moving fast,

Torching everything that it has passed,

Lighting up the hills with fiery embers,

Threatening the city and all it’s members,

Fire fighters from east to west,

Come from all around and do there best,

Fire fighters from north to south,

Heading straight into its fiery mouth,

It burns never seeming to need a rest,

Putting our skills to the ultimate test,

To fight this dangerous fire snake,

Worst-case scenario we do not fake,

As it continues to burn at a rapid pace,

Almost as if it were a race,

As it moves across our hills,

Filling our lives with dangerous thrills,

Seeing the huge fire,

Everyone’s safety is our only desire,

We pray to all the good graces,

That we will be able to put smiles on everyone’s faces,

Our support goes out to all,

Until this fire will finally fall,

We must work together in this fight,

And set all this wrong back to right.



DJ Streilein

Age 14

August 24, 2003