For Immediate Release
September 1, 2003
11:30 AM

Ministry of Forests



KELOWNA – North winds of 20 kilometres per hour with stronger gusts up to 25 kilometres per hour, are predicted for this afternoon and evening.

As a result of the winds, unstable atmospheric conditions, and extremely dry forest conditions an extreme fire behaviour warning, extending from 1300 hours until midnight, has been issued to all fire crews working along the entire eastern flank, from Chute Lake Staging to Rick’s Staging.  For the rest of the fire perimeter, a fire behaviour advisory has been put into effect from 1300 to midnight.

Due to the expected increase in winds, a significant increase in fire activity is expected.  This spread would likely expand in an easterly direction, away from the Kelowna area.  These winds will likely produce open flame in the tree tops and heavy smoke conditions on the eastern sector of the fire.