List of Emergency Personnel, FireFighters, Volunteers, Key Contractors & Others 
Who Worked on the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire
Our Thanks to All
This list will likely always be a work in progress with so many people ot thank.  Our apologies to the many we have inevitably missed and also deserved of thanks.  If you worked for an organization that belongs on the list, please forward us your names.  [email protected] 
Last updated: April 20, 2004
Emergency Operations Centre Staff
Name Organization
Adam Durette City of Kelowna
Alan Rasmussen Ministry of Forests
Alex Johnston RCMP
Andrew Bruce City of Kelowna
Andrew Dique ESS
Anne Brown ESS
Barb Willis City of Kelowna
Barry Hing Communications Unit Radio Operator
Ben Proskiw Terasen Gas
Beryl Itani Emergency Social Services
Bill Cameron Communications Unit Radio Operator
Bill Crowther Communication
Bill McKinnon RCMP
Bill White OCIPEP
Blake Dixon BC Parks
Bob Shaughnessy City of Kelowna
Brain Moore
Brenda Dallaway Communications Unit Radio Operator
Brian MacKinnon District of Peachland
Brian McEwan District of Lake Country
Brian Moore Kelowna Fire Department
Bruce Smith RDCO
Camellia Haggerty City of Kelowna
Carl Bertholm Communications Unit Radio Operator
Carol Suhan RDCO
Cary Berger Victim Services
Charlene Covington City of Kelowna
Cindy Roth City of Kelowna
Dale Beaudry City of Kelowna
Darrel Graves RCMP
Darren Campbell, BC Forest Services Information Officer
Darron Campbell BC Forest Services Information Officer
Dave Cassels RCMP
Dave Thorpe City of Kelowna
David Holman PEP
David Shipclark City of Kelowna
Dean Handley Ministry of Transportation
Delores Euloth City of Kelowna
Don Harrison RCMP
Don Wilson Peachland Fire Rescue Service
Donna Nourse PEP
Doug Buchholz Office of Fire Commissioner
Drew Carmichael WLAP (Parks)
Eileen Davies
Eileen Davis Kelowna Fire Department
Elaine Shipclark City of Kelowna
Garry Lewendon BCAS
Gary Cook Terasen Gas
Gary Lea, Dr. Critical Incident Debriefing
Gary Leier RDCO
Gary Munro BCFS
Gene Vielvoye RCMP
Gene Whitehead Volunteer
Genelle Davidson City of Kelowna
Gerry Harris BCAS
Gerry Zimmerman Kelowna Fire Department
Gord Murrell City of Kelowna
Gordon Hawkey Communications Unit Radio Operator
Gordon Strachan ESS
Greg Baytalan Okanagan Similkameen Health Region
Heather Chen Communications Unit Radio Operator
Heather MacDonald RCMP
Heather Wipfli City of Kelowna
Hilary Hettinga RDCO
Ian McLaughlin Communications Unit Radio Operator
Ian McPherson ESS
Ian Pike Red Cross
Irene Wangler City of Kelowna
J.F. Landry ESS
Jackie Dueck City of Kelowna
James Hopkins WLAP (Parks)
Jason Johnson RDCO
Jeff Wiseman Ministry of Transportation
Jim Kipp PREOC
Jim LaMotte BC Forest Services
Jim Mottishaw Forest Protection
Jim Smith Communications Unit Radio Operator
Jo-Anne Ritchie City of Kelowna
Jody Drope City of Kelowna
John Dorward, Dr. Critical Incident Debriefing
John Jordan RCMP
John MacLeod RCMP
John McFarlane Communications Unit Radio Operator
John Vos City of Kelowna
Karen Cairns City of Kelowna
Kathie Eldon City of Kelowna
Kathleen Werstiuk Risk Management
Keith Grayston City of Kelowna
Keith Recsky Terasen Gas
Kelly Murphy BCAS
Ken Berg Communication
Ken Chilton District of Peachland
Ken Cooper Public Health
Ken Green RCMP
Ken Lozoway PEP
Ken Thompson   Volunteer
Ken Zimmerman Terasen Gas
Kerry Solmsky RCMP
Kevin Matuga BC Forest Services Information Officer
Kirk Hughes BC Forest Service
Lally Jackson BCAS
Lance Kayfish City of Kelowna
Larry Jackson BCAS
Lee Crowther Communications Unit Radio Operator
Leona Senez ESS
Lonnie Dawson Kelowna Regional Transit
Lori Flick City of Kelowna
Lowell Laidlaw Communication
Lyla Lindsay RDCO
M. Aldous, Dr. BCAS
Marjorie Steeves Campbell Red Cross
Mark Seemann PEP
Marlee Campbell Kelowna Fire Department
Mary Viszlai-Beale Ministry of Forests
Michael Lett Communications Unit Radio Operator
Michael Mercer District of Lake Country
Mike Docherty Kelowna Regional Transit
Mike Gibson SWS
Mike Morin Communications Unit Radio Operator
Mike Roberts RCMP
Mirko Slivar City of Kelowna
Neil Drachenberg District of Lake Country/City of Kelowna
Nick Treswich Lake Country Fire Department
Norm Barton Communications Unit Radio Operator
Norm Bickel BCAS
Norm Matheson BCAS
Pam Carter City of Kelowna
Pat Cantner City of Kelowna
Paul Crober OCIPEP
Paul Knowles Ministry of Forests
Paul Macklem City of Kelowna
Paul Tassie Terasen Gas
Paulette Schouten Communications Unit Radio Operator
Penny Venables KGH
Pierre Lemaitre RCMP
Randall Rose District of Lake Country
Randy Wilson RCMP
Rene Blanleil Kelowna Fire Department
Rennie Oliver City of Kelowna
Rick Misth BC Forest Services Information Officer
Rick Wild BCAS
Rob Entwistle City of Kelowna
Rob Johns ESS
Rob Mayne City of Kelowna
Rod Allin City of Kelowna
Rod Lins Communications Unit Radio Operator
Rod McIntyre City of Kelowna
Rod Salem PEP
Ron Born City of Kelowna
Ron Kehler City of Kelowna
Ron Mattiussi City of Kelowna
Ron Reiter City of Kelowna
Ron Schafer Terasen Gas
Ron Westlake City of Kelowna
Ronald Reiter
Scott Meadows RCMP
Shane Mills PEP
Shawn Wylie RCMP
Sid LeBeau Kelowna Fire Department
Signe Bagh City of Kelowna
Stan Combs  Ministry of Agriculture
Steve Kinsey Kelowna Fire Department
Steve Newton BC Forest Services
Tank Winters Communications Unit Radio Operator
Terry Robinson Communications Unit Radio Operator
Tim Teeple CWS
Tina Bouwman RDCO
Travis Mallow MAFF
Ursela Goffic City of Kelowna
Wayne d'Easum RDCO
Municipal Fire Departments who provided assistance or were involved
108 Mile House
109 Mile House
150 Mile House
BX Swan Lake
Campbell River
East Sooke
Edson, AB
Fort McMurry
Joe Rich
Kelowna Volunteer Fire Dept.
Lady Smith
Lake Country
Lions Bay
Lone Butte
Lower Nicola
Maple Ridge 
New Westminister
North Cowichan
North Vancouver City
North Vancouver District
North Westside
OK Indian Band
Oyster River
Pitt Meadows
Port Moody
Powell River 
Salt Spring Island
Sunshine Coast - Roberts Creek
View Royal
West Vancouver
White Rock
Wilson's Landing
Yellow Head County, Alberta
All Kelowna Fire Department personnel, including administrative staff at the main firehall on Enterprise Way
Barth,Neil E.
Beese,Michael A.
Bjur,Larry B.
Blanleil,Rene M.
Brandel,Gary T.
Britton,Terrance G.
Buchanan,Robbie S
Burns,Tannis L.
Chapman,E. Ian
Chasca,Danny G.
Chatham,Allan J
Crane,Patrick F.
Daft,Gregory J.
Dais,Jarret B
Darchuk,Gord G.
Davies,Eileen L.
Emond,Russell J.
Hall,Steven J.
Hill,Mike A.
Hill,Timothy H.
Hoy,Timothy J.
Jacobson,Kenneth W.
Johnstone,Pamela D.
Kinsey,Stephen J.
Leimert,David L
Light,Tim V.J.
Minchin,Brian D.
Mitchell,Edward A.
Moody,Leonard T.
Moore,Brian R
Nanci,Enzo J.
Neid,Michael E
O'Reilly,Shawn W.
Pekrul,Brian A.
Pfenning,Gary H.
Richard,Gerry P.
Roelofs,Henry T.
Roshinsky,Steven W.
Schraeder,Jeremy Blaine
Serres,Lawrence E.
Sharhon,John D.
Stewart,Craig Thomas
Stoodley,Jason TJ
Stoutenburg,Douglas E.
Tough,Duncan S.
Tutt, Brian
Volk,Micah L.
Wilde,Louis F.
Wilson,William B.
Zimmermann,Gerald B.
Airport Operations Specialists 
These individuals are also trained fire fighters.  They voluntarily fought on the frontline of the fire on their holidays or days off - not officially sent by the airport.
Brock Syrnyk (attended with Ellison FD)
Darrell Belgrove (attended with Ellison)
Derek Elliott
Gayanne Pacholzuk
Steve Smith
Trevor Bredin (attended with the Westside FD)
Sons of Thunder Wildland Fire Suppression Crew Members
Aaron Brouwer
Casey Brouwer
Ed Brouwer
Eric Cullen
Hiedi Wageman
Jeremy Wageman
Judi Brouwer
Michelle Barker
Mike Walroth
Yukon Ellsworth
Zia Frenci
Armed Forces Unit Participation
1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (Edmonton)
1 Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (Shilo Manitoba)
Lord Strathconas Horse (Royal Canadians)
1st Battalion Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry
3rd Battalion Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry
1 Combat Engineer Regiment
1 Field Ambulance
1 Service Battalion
1 Military Police Platoon
1 Area Support Group (Edmonton)
1 General Support Battalion
15 Military Police Company
Western Area Training Centre ( Wainwright)
Marine Pacific (Victoria)
Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt
Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Algonquin
Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Winnipeg
Canadian Forces Fleet School
Formation Augmentation Pacific
4 Wing (Cold Lake)
4 Airfield Engineering Squadron
441 Tactical Fighter Squadron
Wing Operations
1 Air Maintenance Squadron
410 Squadron
Wing Logistics Branch
Wing Administration Branch
42 Radar Squadron
192 Airfield Engineering Flight (Abbotsford, BC)
38 Canadian Brigade Group
10 Field Regiment (Regina/Yorkton)
116 Independent Field Battery (Kenora)
16 Medical Company (Regina/Saskatoon)
17 Medical Company (Winnipeg)
17 Service Battalion (Winnipeg)
26 Field Regiment (Brandon/Portage la Prairie)
38 Brigade Headquarters (Winnipeg)
Royal Regina Rifles (Regina)
18 Medical Company (Thunder Bay)
Queens Own Cameron Highlanders (Winnipeg)
18 Service Battalion (Thunder Bay)
Fort Garry Horse (Winnipeg)
Lake Superior Scottish Regiment (Thunder Bay)
North Saskatchewan Regiment (Saskatoon/Prince Albert)
Royal Winnipeg Rifles (Winnipeg)
Saskatchewan Dragoons (Moose Jaw/Swift Current)
39 Canadian Brigade Group
British Columbia Regiment (Vancouver)
British Columbia Dragoons (Kelowna/Vernon)
Canadian Scottish Regiment (Victoria)
Seaforth Highlanders of Canada (Vancouver)
Royal Westminister Regiment (New Westminster)
44 Field Engineer Squadron (Trail)
6 Field Engineer Squadron (Vancouver)
11 Field Ambulance (Victoria)
12 Field Ambulance (Vancouver)
11 Service Battalion (Victoria)
12 Service Battalion (Vancouver)
41 Canadian Brigade Group
Kings Own Calgary Regiment (Calgary)
South Alberta Light Horse (Edmonton/Medicine Hat)
41 Brigade Headquarters (Calgary)
20 Field Regiment (Edmonton/Red Deer)
18 Air Defence Regiment (Lethbridge)
Calgary Highlanders (Calgary)
Loyal Edmonton Regiment (Edmonton)
8 Field Engineer Regiment (Edmonton)
33 Field Engineer Squadron (Calgary)
15 Medical Company (Edmonton/Calgary)
14 Service Battalion (Calgary)
15 Service Battalion (Edmonton)
6 Intelligence Company (Edmomton)
73/74 Communications Regiment
744 Communications Squadron (Vancouver)
746 Communications Squadron (Calgary)
748 Communications Squadron (Nanaimo)
Fire Management Team # 1 ( B.C. Forest Service - Protection Branch )  
Brian Kempf - Incident Commander
Dr. Judi Beck - Fire Behavior Specialist 
Mel Dunleavey & Mike Dittaro - Operations Chiefs
Rose Pinchbeck - Finance & Admin. 
Roy Benson - Deputy Ops. Chief 
Steve Levitt - Plans Chief
Thor Larsen - Logistics Chief
Auxillary Constables
ALBRECHT, Jonathon
ALBRECHT, Terry (Westbank -Real Estate) 
BOOTSMAN, Brian (Westbank) 
CHOY, Richard
CURRIE, Dan (Lake Country) 
DAWE, Chris 
HAFICHUK, Archie (Lake Country) 
HAZELL, Darryl
HEBERT, Robert
HOUGHTON, Mike (Westbank - Air Canada) 
KLASSEN, Michael (Westbank)
LLOYD, Sean 
MacKAY, Matthew 
MacLEAN, Ian 
PARR, Steve
PELAT, Jeffery
PLITT, Doris
RADI, Russ
SEWELL, Edward
Reception Centre Volunteers
Name  Dept
Atkins, Kyla                     Aquatics                                
Avender, Marilyn*                        Aquatics                                
Backmeyer, Don *         Management
Best, Andrew*                    Recreation Program Assistant 
Buhler, Claudia*                         Clerk
Campbell, Grant                  Co-ordinator
Collier, Roanne*                         Clerk
Daskis, Erwin    Maintenance
Degen, Jessa     Aquatics                                
Fagan, Steve     Co-ordinator
Forbes, Ron*     Management
Fraser, Sue* Clerk
Gabriel, Jim *   Management
Graham, David*   City Hall
HR- Charlene Covington City Hall
Huva, Al*                        Recreation Program Assistant 
IS - Ron Kehler City Hall
Isfan, Scott                     Recreation Program Assistant 
Jablonski, Lynn*                         Clerk
Jessica Dorn Contract Instructor
Kathy Sawchuk            Contract Instructor
Koch, Peggy*                     Clerk
LeBon, Natascha   Volunteer
Lisa Short Contract Instructor
Lori Takeda Contract Instructor
MacDonald, Darcey*                       Aquatics                                
Macdonnell, Gord                         Recreation Program Assistant 
Marks, Maureen*                  Clerk
Marshall, Judy*                  Clerk
Mason, Pam                       Co-ordinator
Miles, Jean *    Management
Mugridge, Jerry                          Maintenance
Oddleifson, Reid*        Management
O'Donnell, Jenna                         Aquatics                                
Onderstal, Garry*                        Clerk
Parks - Bill Bosch, Norm Ryder City Hall
Penner, Cheryl*                  Clerk
Philip, Shaun*                   Aquatics                                
Piche, Robin*                    Volunteer Integration
Polmear, Gary    Maintenance
Purchasing - Ron Reiter, Mo Satar, Julie Brown, Rod McIntyre City Hall
Ritchie, Jo-Anne                l        Recreation Program Assistant 
Roberts-Taylor, Louise*          Co-ordinator
Robinson, Lori*                                          Clerk
Rowe, Kathleen*                  Recreation Program Assistant 
Shannon, Ladonna*                Clerk
Tompkins, Mark*                  Co-ordinator
Trades - Ed Kinnear and Greg McKinnon City Hall
Udzenija, Justin                                 Maintenance
Wangler, Irene*          Clerk
Whapshare, Dudley        *  Recreation Program Assistant 
Wiersma, Larry*                           Aquatics                                
Wise, Greg*                      Co-ordinator
Yards -Bob Connatty, Dale Beaudry, Gary Millsap, Steve Bryans, Gord Murrell City Hall
Young, JoAnn*                    Clerk
Other Volunteers Working Under the Direction of Beryl Itani
These are just a few of the nearly 1,100 volunteers who helped during the days from August 16™, to September 12 2003. Thank you to these folks and the many others too numerous to mention.
Alan Nourse
Andrew Dique
Anne Brown
Barry Janzen
Beryl Itani
Bill Crowther
Cari Burger
Carl Marcotte
Catherine Williams      
Cathy Burrows
Celia Besse       
Donna Nourse
Doreen Bain
Gary Lea
Ron Hockey         
Heather Owehand        
Hugh Owehand
Jim Riordan
Joanne Crockett
Karen Brandl
Keith Manhard
Ken Kimberley
Ken Thompson
Leona Senez
Les Burrows
Lil Moller
Madeleine Riordan         
Marilyn Foster
Marylin Musgrove
Merrily Macintosh      
Nellie Austin
Netta Manning
Norm Barton
Pam Boulter
Richard Parr
Sam Reimer
Sheila Campbell        
Wayne Gardiner         
William Manning
Reception Centre Amateur (Ham) Radio Operators
Barnes Al
Bealby Eric
Bentley Don
Boisselle Rolly
Brooker Grant
Calder George
Chen Heather 
Clark Lloyd
Crowther Bentley
Dawson Geoff
Epp Vern
Fleming Michael
Geisler Vince
Hawtree Stephen
Hing Randy
Holman David
Keplar Ethan
Kerton Barry
Kirk Bruce
Lancaster Jim
Lewis Rolland
Liedl Rob
Mandryk Dan
Manhard Keith 
McFarlane John
McLaughlin Stephen
Meise Paul
Morin Mike
Muhlert  Dave
Muir Don
Mulcaster Fred 
Nixon Travis
Nixon Keith 
Nourse Alan
Peterson Brian
Reijne Hu
Rogers  Ryan
Roswell Alan
Ryan Garry
Scheidl Wren
Southern Bob
Southern Mike
Southern Mable
Summers Brian
Tweddle Blake
Walters Walt
White Jim
Wilson Ed
Wood Alex
Wood Orison
St. John Ambulance Volunteers 
Bob Crosthwaite
Brigade Superintendant Alana Hicik 
Canadian Ski Patrol - Mark Sylvester  
DSO John Broughton
DTO Shelley Appel
Sgt. Carlos Alves
Sgt. Trevor Day
SSgt. Dawn Powell
Keith Recsky
Bob Johnson
Brad Rix
Mike Bradshaw, Director of Communications
 Don Ravndahl
and all Shaw Cable Call Centre volunteers
Barry Wiltse
Charlene Veinotte 
Ron Bellizzon
Volunteer Groups
Citizen's Patrol
HAM Radio Operators
KFD Ladies Auxiliary  - Donna-Lee Roelofs
KFD Retired Members Association - Denis Kranabetter
Noah's Wish - Terri Crisp 
Search and Rescue Societies
Central Okanagan Search & Rescue
Vernon Search & Rescue
Kamloops Search & Rescue (operating in the PREOC in Kamloops) 
Central Fraser Valley Search & Rescue 
Chilliwack Search & Rescue 
Surrey Search & Rescue 
Coquitlam Search & Rescue 
Ridge Meadows Search & Rescue 
Mission Search & Rescue 
North Shore Search & Rescue 
Lion's Bay Search & Rescue 
Squamish Search & Rescue
Central Okanagan Search & Rescue Society
Dan Appleyard
Mike Barker
Troy Becker
Rob Braun
Dave Calhoun
Ken Campbell
Mike Carpenter
Andrea Dykstra
Jesse Dykstra
Laurie Ellis
Greg Florence
Tracey Ganderton
Douglas Hastings
Paul Jacobs
Steve Larson
Lynnette LeGrandeur
Otto Lohn
Glen McAleese
Chris McCormack
Cat McKee
David Makara
Stan Mazur
Michael Moore
Julie Palmer
Linda Quon
Don Raesler
Pat Robinson
Brian Stainsby
Charly Stratton
Ruth Thompson
David Tilley
Darryl Tillack
Paul Toupin
Bill Walsh
Shauna Wallace
Jeremy Welder
Douglas White
Kevin Zimmer
Vernon Search and Rescue Members 
Anna Dyke                   
Bob Lindley
Chad Tourand              
Coralie Nairn                
Dodie Lindley               
Don Blakely   
Elaine Viel                    
Gail Ottesen                 
Grant Carnochan             
James Viel                    
Jon Ottesen                  
Kelly Brigden                     
Mike Stave                  
Nick Fowfoulas                   
Paula Nairn                   
Pete Wise                   
Rob Kupchako                
Shawn Hughes             
Steve Milne                        
Terry Black   
Ridge Meadows Search & Rescue
Barb Lang                                        Maple Ridge
Earl Richardet                                  Maple Ridge
Miles Quesnel                                  Pitt Meadows
Coquitlam Search & Rescue
Chaz Gaube                                      Port Coquitlam
Chris Carr                                        Port Coquitlam
David Sinclair                                   Port Coquitlam
Dwight Yochim                                 Coquitlam
Mike Gaube                                     Port Coquitlam
Ray Nordstrand                                Coquitlam
North Shore Search & Rescue
Jacquie Trudeau                        Vancouver
Louis Pasccal                            North Vancouver
Roo Wyda                               North Vancouver
Sandro Frei                             
Tim Jones                                 North Vancouver
Lion's Bay Search & Rescue
Doug Brown                           West  Vancouver
Keith Campden                        Bowen Island
Martin Colwell                        West Vancouver
Central Fraser Valley Search & Rescue
Grant Formo                     Abbotsford
Kevin Main                      Abbotsford
Oliver Clapham               
Robert Gagnon                Abbotsford
Steve Skytte                     Langley
Steven Shaw                    Abbotsford
Surrey Search & Rescue
Mike Oakley                      Surrey
Mirissa Murining                Surrey
Mission Search & Rescue
Jeremy Hornbrock           Mission 
Roy Xkfeli                       Mission
Thomas Redekop             Mission
Chilliwack Search & Rescue
D McAuliffe                     Sardis
Eric Obermayem              Chilliwack
Gary Armstrong               Chilliwack
Jim Vickerson                  Chilliwack
Josef Seywerd                 Chilliwack
Squamish Search & Rescue
Colin Savrette                Squamish
Graham Teanby             Squamish 
Karl Hancox                   Squamish       
Krista Lewis                   Squamish      
Black Mountain Irrigation District - Malcolm Tomlinson
City of Kelowna Equipment - Sandy Sanderson
City of Kelowna Parks - Ian Wilson
City of Kelowna Pumping Operations - Adrian Weaden
City of Kelowna Pumping Operations - Jack Esplen
City of Kelowna Pumping Operations - Henry Kohout
City of Kelowna Pumping Operations - Sam Lange
City of Kelowna Pumping Operations - Bill Rutley
City of Kelowna Pumping Operations - Jason Ough
City of Kelowna Pumping Operations - Marianne Toma
City of Kelowna Pumping Operations - Bob Mandryk
City of Kelowna Safety - Pat Cantner
City of Kelowna Surveying- Greg Maier, Ken Henning Lee Mossman
City of Kelowna Trades - Ed Kinnear
City of Kelowna Utilities - Mark Torgerson, Wayne Nadasde
Tom Senger
Mike Sali
Frank Primus
Blake Hardy
Brad Gammon
Randy Levere
Dan Malakoff
Sam Tresoor
Darren Seneshen
Bryan McLaughlin
Shaun Lindsay
Dennis Klassen
Terry Flamond
Mike Dalzell
Brent Soroka
Bill Mack
City of Kelowna Roadways:
Gord Murrell
Brent Martin
Garry Millsap
Jim Hartmier
Gordon Austin
Wyatt Melynchuk
Ken Mintram
Ken Mitschke
Bob Stone
Emery Kains
Ken Oakes
Harvey Udala
Darin Thompson
Jason Dickson
Bernard Strijak
Ernie Schaad
Nick Fiorante
Gary Callioux
Ken Fighter
Drew Wyber
Bob Thiessen
Mike Rout
Mark Kearn
Steve Bryans
Clark Yarrow
D'Arcy Morrow
Mike Christoffersen
Bill Backstrom
Wayne Hatcher
Rick Yakiwchuk
Carl Surowiec
Brian Zsoldos
Rick Roy
Ron Grace
Brian Whittle
Sandy Sanderson
City of Kelowna Bylaws: Gail Faulkner
Carol Gavin
Carol-Ann Hunter
Ted Komick
Laurie Lundman
Russ Mackie
Larry Mushta
Keith Pearson
Carol Pillsbury
Kurt Szalla
Dennis Zahara
Ministry of Transportation & Highways - Dave Swales
Southeast Kelowna Irrigation District - Toby Pike, Aaron Kunstar
AG Appel Contracting - Richard Dawdy
A-One Tree Service, Kelowna, BC
Apex Sand and Gravel Orchards Ltd., Kelowna, BC
Argo Road Maintenance, Wayne Gable
B.F. Dobbin Construction Ltd., Kelowna, BC
BC Corps of Commissionaires
B.G. Controls, Vancouver - Dom Sacco
Blair Nyberg, Tree Faller, Kelowna, BC
Caro Environmental Services - Jan 
Cody Tree Services Ltd., Kelowna, BC
Dave's Crane & Equipment Ltd.- Dave and Dan
Dianne and Don's Bld. Maint.-   Bruce, Sheldon, Amber, Wayne, Martin*
Diving Dynamics - Verne Johnson and Crew
Duncan Logging Contracting Ltd., Kelowna, BC
Emil Anderson Construction Inc., Kelowna, BC
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Canada Ltd., Kelowna, BC
Gallaghers Golf Resort, Ashley Legyt
Interior Instrument Tech Services - Ken Hansen, Brad Anderson
Kelowna Regional Transit - Mike Docherty
Kelowna Tree Service, Peachland, BC
Kendal Herman, Kelowna, BC
Kerry Leong, Arthon Construction Ltd., Kelowna, BC
Knight's Vacuum Service - Gary, Al and Crew
Murray Head, Emerald Bay Contracting, Vernon, BC
P & D Logging Ltd., Kelowna, BC
Pacific Sport -  Doug Nicholas
Quick Stop Flagging, Kelowna, BC
R&L Excavating - Lyle McKay (Low Bed Operator) and Joe Morrissey (Loader Operator)
Talon Security - Gwenda Garrett and staff*
Talon Distributing - Doug Milne
Troy Turton, Trojan Contracting Ltd., Kelowna, BC
Valley View Flagging Ltd., Westbank, BC
Winn Rentals, Kelowna, BC
Farwest Transit Services
Adrian Demmers HandiDart Driver
Al Bischoff Driver
Al Peressini Driver
Al Prentis Driver
Al Reid Driver
Arnold Williard HandiDart Driver
Art Pedde Driver
Bill Ingram Maintenance
Bob Grebinski Driver
Bob Hebert Driver
Bob Milutinovic Maintenance
Brent Kotelmach Maintenance
Brian Fears Driver
Bud Joyner Driver
Cathy Gaillard Driver
Chris Christensen HandiDart Driver
Chris Jennens Driver
Clayton Bouchard Driver
Dan Peace Driver
Darcy Ross HandiDart Driver
Dave Driedger Driver
Dave Rees Driver
Don Herring Driver
Don Porter Driver
Ed Naumann HandiDart Driver
Frank Bene Maintenance
George Watson Driver
Gerry Dyck Maintenance
Hanni Gebauer Dispatch and Office Personel
Harold Myrhaug Driver
Heinz Lange Driver
Hoss Mehrabi Driver
Iona Dawson Management and Supervisory
Ivan Carothers Driver
Jay Ingram HandiDart Driver
Jean Needham HandiDart Driver
Jeremy Allen Driver
Jim Duncan Driver
Jim Willis Driver
John Klassen Driver
John Peck Management and Supervisory
Karl Gianakos HandiDart Driver
Ken Harrison Driver
Ken Van Dyke Maintenance
Kevin Frame Driver
Kevin St Laurent Driver
Larry Wagner Management and Supervisory
Les Milton Driver
Lonnie Dawson Management and Supervisory
Marten Rozema Driver
Mel Willis Dispatch and Office Personel
Michele Edwards Dispatch and Office Personel
Mike Docherty Management and Supervisory
Mike Plover Driver
Nelson Cheyne Maintenance
Nick Antonopoulos Driver
Paul Gowdy HandiDart Driver
Peigi Stewart Dispatch and Office Personel
Peter Chmiel Driver
Peter Fedak HandiDart Driver
Pio Doublesin HandiDart Driver
Ralph Romans HandiDart Driver
Rebecca LeBlanc Driver
Rick  James Driver
Roberto Pomponio Maintenance
Rod Kropp Maintenance
Ron Vetter Driver
Sam Rosten Dispatch and Office Personel
Stacey Trovato HandiDart Driver
Stephane Lecours HandiDart Driver
Stephen Ott Maintenance
Ted Roth Driver
Tim Fehr Driver
Tom Metz Driver
Tremain Frantze HandiDart Driver
Troy Nouwen Driver
Val Briggs Driver
Vik Bargen Maintenance
Winni Irish Driver
Lind Logging 
Ken Black - RDCO
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