Evacuation Alert  as of September 4 12:00 Noon
Areas Inclusive of Belgo, Black Mountain and Toovey Heights
City of Kelowna Street Name (Alphabetical) Details (unless all)
Ackerman Court
Alpine Avenue
Autumn Road
Band Road
Begley Road
Belgo Road 1200 +
Bentien Road
Brentwood Road
Burbank Court
Cathy Avenue
Cathy Court
Charlewood Drive
Deans Drive
Duncan Court
Duncan Drive
Feedham Avenue
Forest Avenue
Fullmer Road
Gallagher Court
Gallagher Road
Gallagher Road South
Garner Road
Geen Road
Golbeck Court
Gran Road
Hadden Court
Henderson Road
Highway 33 712 to 3215
Hollywood Road South 1115, 1125 and 1490 +
James Hockey Place
Jayson Road
Joe Riche Road
Kloppenburg Road
Large Avenue
Lewis Road
Linda Avenue
Linda Court
Lone Pine Court
Lone Pine Drive
Longley Crescent
Loseth Road
Lund Road
Lynrick Road
Lynx Road
McMeeken Road
Mercury Road
Neptune Road
Oswell Drive
Pasedena Road
Peck Court
Peck Road
Ray Road
Saint Claire Court
Scorpio Road
Shaunna Road
Springfield Road Odd only from 1105 to 3363
Sunrise Road
Taurus Road
Teasdale Road
Toovey Road
Traut Court
Traut Road
Velrose Road
Verde Vista Road
Verdure Road
Villa Vista Road
Walburn Road
Wilmot Court