News Release No. 78            

Date:   Friday September 5, 2003

Time:   2:00 p.m.




Kelowna And Area Okanagan Fire Recovery Society

The Kelowna and Area Okanagan Fire Recovery Society has been formed to coordinate community recovery efforts in the wake of the Okanagan Mountain Park forest fire.

The society aims to encourage reconstruction and enhancement in the community and surrounding areas. Working with other agencies and groups, the society hopes to further develop Kelowna’s reputation as a beautiful caring community.

The Society will also oversee the Kelowna and Area Okanagan Fire Recovery Trust Fund, a fund that was recently created to assist in rebuilding lives and the community.

Dave Rush is Chair of the Society and the Board of Directors includes:
• Sue Dulik
• Ken Ficocelli
• Jim Grant
• Debbie MacMillian
• Don Shafer
• Shirley Staley
• Mark Stober
• Gail Temple
• Todd Upgaard
• Bruce Vidal
• Ken Webster

The Society has held its first meeting and is in the process of identifying projects that may be eligible to receive funds. The City is conducting a needs assessment analysis and the Society will be using this to help them determine appropriate needs. The emphasis of the Society will be on coordinating recovery efforts to rebuild and restore Kelowna and surrounding communities physically, socially, and economically.

Community input is being sought to develop concepts on potential use of the funds, available resources and needs.

All monies donated to the Kelowna and Area Okanagan Fire Recovery Trust Fund will stay in the area impacted by the Okanangan Mountain Park fire. All donations will be used for the purposes of the Society – no administrative costs will be covered by these funds and all Directors are working as volunteers. Donations can be made at any Scotiabank branch in Canada to account number 80150-00058-19.

All queries should be directed to the Society Office at the Okanagan Fire Recovery Centre at 520 Bernard Avenue, or by calling 868-2632.