News Release No. 83            

Date:   Sunday September 7, 2003      

Time:   6:30 p.m.


PRC RECEPTION CENTRE:                                     762-5361

PUBLIC INFORMATION LINE:                                 869-0386

RECOVERY CENTRE OFFICE:                                868-2632

EMERGENCY SOCIAL SERVICES (EOC):             868-2605





Good Day Fighting Fire


Kelowna, B.C.  -


A day of progress has been reported by the Ministry of Forests for those fighting the Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park forest fire.


Winds generally remained light, allowing ground crews to work on solidifying guards, while fixed wing aircraft crews cooled the fronts on steep terrain and chopper crews dumped water and retardant at lower elevations.


Overnight, municipal fire crews will maintain their existing level of fire watch with 15 units patrolling in the June Springs Road area, nine units keeping watch in the Joe Rich area and one on patrol through the Mission.


As a precautionary measure, as of 5:42 pm an Evacuation Order has been issued for the Idabel Lake Resort area.  It's believed half a dozen families are affected by the upgrade in status.  While the resort is in the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary, these people are asked to register at the Parkinson Recreation Centre Evacuee Registration Centre, 1800 Parkinson Way, off Highway 97 between Spall and Burtch Roads.  The centre has been busy today as people forced from their homes early this morning from the Kimatouche Road subdivision made their way in to register.    


At the present time, all other Evacuation Orders and Alerts remain in effect.  Emergency Operation Centre officials are constantly reviewing the status of the Orders and Alerts in light of weather conditions, forecasts and fire behaviour.  Any change will be relayed via the media.  An estimated 4,248 residents are out on Evacuation Order, while approximately 14,110 residents remain on Evacuation Alert.


The subject of temporary access for residents who've been forced from their homes will be reviewed tomorrow (Monday) morning, and will be based on the latest information on fire activity and weather forecasts.


No further releases are planned until 7:00 am Monday morning.