News Release No. 84            

Date:   Monday September 8, 2003      

Time:   6 a.m.


PRC RECEPTION CENTRE:                                     762-5361

PUBLIC INFORMATION LINE:                                 869-0386

RECOVERY CENTRE OFFICE:                                868-2632

EMERGENCY SOCIAL SERVICES (EOC):             868-2605





Finally…Some Rain!!!


Kelowna, B.C.  –


It’s something almost everyone has been hoping for…periods of rain are forecast for the Central Okanagan today.  Combined with cooler temperatures, they’re welcome news for everyone involved with the effort to tame the Okanagan Mountain Park forest fire beast.


Winds picked up late last evening, but the Kelowna Fire Department says they didn’t last long.  City fire crews supported with those of more than 40 fire departments from throughout BC and Alberta maintained patrol vigils through the June Springs and Mission areas of the City and through Joe Rich in the Regional District.  They haven’t encountered any problems.  If the weather conditions and fire activity allow, some of the crews from out of the Central Okanagan will likely be leaving the area later today.


Late yesterday afternoon, an Evacuation Order was issued for the Idabel Lake Resort, just south of McCulloch Lake.  It’s believed about six families were at the resort at the time the precautionary Order came down.  While the resort is in the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary, these people are asked to register at the Parkinson Recreation Centre Evacuee Registration Centre, 1800 Parkinson Way, off Highway 97 between Spall and Burtch Roads.     


At the present time, all other Evacuation Orders and Alerts remain in effect.  Emergency Operation Centre officials will review the status of the Orders and Alerts in light of weather conditions, forecasts and fire behaviour.  Any change will be relayed via the media.  An estimated 4,248 residents are out on Evacuation Order, while approximately 14,092 residents remain on Evacuation Alert.


The subject of temporary access for residents who’ve been forced from their homes will be reviewed this morning.  Any decision will be based on the latest information on fire activity and weather forecasts.