For Immediate Release
September 3, 2003
10:00 AM

Ministry of Forests

good progress made by fire crews

KELOWNA The Okanagan Mountain Park fire is estimated to be 21,000 hectares in size.  Resources in place include 686 fire-fighters, 18 helicopters and 176 pieces of heavy equipment.

There was no significant fire movement last night; the fire is still estimated at 70 per cent contained.  Control lines on the south, southeast, north and northeast sectors are holding well, crews continue to mop up and patrol these areas.

Control lines are being established on the east slope of Bellevue Creek, along the finger of the fire that ran to the southeast.  If weather conditions are favourable, burn off operations will be conducted to reinforce these control lines.  Crews will also receive aerial support, as they work to protect the steel trestle over Bellevue Creek.

The fire is four to five kilometers away from the Myra Canyon Kettle Valley Railroad trestles and is not moving any closer in that direction.

The weather conditions remain hot and dry with no chance of precipitation.  Winds are expected to be from the south as a result smoke will probably accumulate in the valley today.

The Vaseux fire is estimated to be 3,300 hectares in size.  Resources include 610 fire fighters, of which 200 are military personnel, six helicopters and 89 pieces of heavy equipment.

This fire is now estimated to be 60 per cent contained.  Yesterday was a good day on all sectors.  Large smoldering and unburnt fuels in the steep terrain of Dutton Creek Canyon still poses a challenge for the crews.

Crews have been making good progress in mop up operations in the Vaseux Creek drainage.  The calm winds of the last two days have allowed the crews the opportunity to make good progress on the southeast flank.

Crews continue to work to extinguish any hot spots and mop up along the entire perimeter.