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September 5, 2002


“Saber” And Owner Reunited


There’s a ray of sunshine for a woman who was forced from her Kelowna area home by the Okanagan Mountain Park forest fire.


After reading this morning about a dog that was lost during the fire evacuation, the owner contacted Central Okanagan Dog Control Officers who’ve been caring for a female collie-cross for the past two weeks.   It turns out the dog is named “Saber”.


A McCulloch Road resident found “Saber” on the night of August 20th in the Chute Lake area.  Officers picked up the dog the next morning.  Aside from a skin irritation, the dog was not injured.  “Saber” became separated from her owner during the evacuation of the June Springs Road area.


The Regional District urges all dog owners to license their canine family members.  A license will help reunite dogs found at large, with their owners.  Although “Saber” had a rabies vaccination tag from 1996, Dog Control Officers weren’t able to identify her owner.  A dog license tag would have definitely helped.  The cost of a license for spayed or neutered dogs is $16 a calendar year, for unaltered dogs it is $50 per calendar year.   After July 31st, new residents can purchase a half-year license.  


The Regional District has waived the impound fee for “Saber”, because of the circumstances stemming from the fire.  The owner is making arrangements to temporarily house “Saber”, until they can return to their home.