Red Cross Relief Effort Update September 5 - 9:26 pm
Thanks to the overwhelming generosity from across Canada, the Canadian Red Cross has now raised over $2.3 million in donations, pledges and gifts in kind supporting its BC Forest Fire Response Fund. The Red Cross believes this amount will be sufficient to address the unmet needs of those already impacted by the fires in BC.

However, more financial help could be required if the situation changes dramatically.

The funds are already at work in the affected communities, helping families to meet their immediate basic needs as they get re-established. Red Cross funds basic, unmet needs such as food, shelter and clothing.

To schedule an appointment with a case worker, fire-affected individuals in Kelowna can contact Red Cross at (250) 763-1859, ext. 215. Those impacted in the Barriere-McLure area can call 250-672-2128.

Should the amount of donations exceed what is required to address the needs relating to this disaster, remaining funds will go into the Red Cross’ Canadian Disaster Relief Fund. This fund ensures that all Canadians impacted by disaster can access assistance—no matter how much profile and resulting generosity that disaster generates. This fund is critical to allowing Red Cross to quickly mobilize support on the ground quickly. In fact, its existence allowed Red Cross to commit funds in the Barriere-McLure area even before donations were in the bank.

Red Cross is committed to using the funds generously donated by concerned Canadians to ensure basic needs in BC's fire-affected communities are met during the many months of recovery ahead.