“Together We Learn”

School District No. 23

(Central Okanagan)






Issued by:   Chairperson, Board of School Trustees

Date:          Thursday, August 28th, 2003

Time:                   12:30 PM




Since the evacuation orders were given, Trustees have been following the developments affecting our staff, students and community members.  The Board appreciates the efforts of all those who worked together to keep our schools safe. 


The Board is grateful for the outpouring of community help, which has provided solace and practical support not only to all those, including our students and staff, who lost their homes, but also to the many thousands who were evacuated.  Our staff members have joined countless other community volunteers in providing counselling and emergency reception during the crisis.


We appreciate the efforts of all those who worked together to keep our schools safe and, along with all community members, applaud our fire fighters, emergency personnel, police and volunteers.


The Board of Trustees held an emergency meeting on Wednesday, August 27th to discuss contingency plans and to authorize any decisions that might need to be made should the current situation change.  All schools are currently open; should that status change, parents will be informed immediately.


The Board assures parents that the collective goal is to provide a stable environment and a sense of normality for our students when they return to school on September 2nd.