September 3, 2003



The City of Kelowna is offering special garbage collection services for residents in fire-damaged areas. On Friday September 5th residents can put out an unlimited amount of garbage, as well as large items such as burnt or smoke-damaged furniture, draperies or other items. This does not include refrigerators or freezers. Please contact your insurance agent prior to disposing of any item.

Residents are also reminded to please keep the safety of the garbage haulers in mind. Do not put hazardous materials, hot ash and other hot, burnt items out for collection (to prevent truck fires and reactions with other materials in the trucks).

For your safety and the safety of the haulers, please refreeze fouled meats and other previously frozen food and place out on your garbage day as close to pick-up time as possible. This will also help discourage animals in the area. Residents are reminded that normal garbage collection regulations apply:

• Garbage must be set out by 7 a.m. on Friday
• Maximum weight per item is 23 kg (50 lbs.)

Your recycling schedule will remain the same. Please consult your Residential Recycling Guide or call Canadian Waste at 861-8788 for more information.

Landfill Drop Off:
Landfill fees at the Glenmore Sanitary Landfill will be waived for residents who live on fire affected streets (please see list of eligible streets). Please bring picture ID and your evacuation slip to have the fees waived. Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 7:30 am - 4:45 pm. If you are having your waste handled by a commercial contractor, please contact the Waste Reduction Office. To prevent fires at the landfill, do not deliver “hot” loads to the landfill.

Yard Waste Collection:
To help with forest fire hazard abatement and general yard clean up, there will be an unlimited yard waste pick up on Friday September 12th for residents on fire affected streets (please see list of eligible streets). This additional yard waste collection is in conjunction with your normal garbage collection.

This collection is for grass, leaves, pine needles, pine cones, garden plants, windfall fruit and prunings up to 1 cm (1/2”) in diameter. Residents are reminded that the usual yard waste regulations for pick up apply. They are as follows:

• Garbage and yard waste must be set out by 7 a.m. on Friday, September 12.
• Use reusable containers (such as cardboard boxes), clear bags, or bundle prunings.
• Maximum weight per item is 23 kg (50 lbs).
• Bundles to be no more that 1 metre long and ½ metre across.

Residents can also use the Glenmore and Westside landfills. Both landfills are open for free drop-off of yard waste and prunings up to 20 cm (8”) in diameter, delivered by residents. This service is available year round.

For large trees please contact your insurance agency and a certified arborist (see the Yellow Pages).

Propane Tanks:
Some residents may have fire-damaged propane tanks. If your propane tank is damaged or you are unsure of its safety, contact your propane provider or Fuel Pro at 1-888-394-991.

Some residents in the fire affected areas may want to dispose of their refrigerators and freezers. They are advised to contact their insurance agent first for assistance. In the event you need to dispose of the unit and the contents, call the company your insurance agent provides or the Waste Reduction Office at 868-5250 for the numbers of companies able to help.

Animal Mortality Pick Up:
Please contact the City of Kelowna at 862-5500, press Option 1 (fire affected areas only).

This special garbage collection includes the following roads.

Allenby Lane
Appleridge Road
Arbour View Drive
Arrowleaf Lane
Ash Road
Aspen Court
Avery Road
Balldock Rd. 
Blueridge Road
Braeloch Road North
Cantina Court
Canyon Falls Court
Canyon Ridge Court
Canyon Ridge Crescent
Canyon View Court
Cedar Creek Court
Chute Lake Road (south of Barnaby)
Cobble Court
Cobble Crescent 
Connaly Lane
Crawford Court 
Crawford Road
Curlew Court
Curlew Drive
Delphern Ct. 
Diamond Road
Edgemont Court
Field Rd. 
Frost Road
Gardenia Court
Goodison Rd. 
Grouse Avenue
Jaud Rd. 
Jean Rd. 
June Springs Rd and area
Harrison Court
Harvard Rd. 
Killdeer Road
Lakeshore Place
Lakeshore Road (south of Barnaby)
Lancaster Ct. 
Lark Street
Larkridge Court
Luckett Court
Luxmoore Rd. 
McCarren Avenue
MacLean Road
Mahonia Dr. S. 
Mahonia Drive
Mathews Rd. 
Mid Ridge Court
Miller Rd. 
Mission Ridge Drive
Mission Road Court
Okaview Road
Oakridge Road
Paret Road (south of Barnaby)
Parkridge Court
Parkridge Drive
Parkridge Place
Phoebe Court
Providence Avenue
Quartz Court
Quilchena Crescent
Quilchena Drive
Raven Drive
Redridge Road
Renwick Court
Rimrock Court
Rimrock Road
Robina Court
Roepel Road
Ruby Road
Ruth Rd. 
Sallows Rd. 
Sandpiper Court
Sandpiper Street
Seddon Rd. 
Sheila Crescent
South Crest Drive
South Ridge Drive
Stanley Crescent
Steele Road
Stellar Drive
Stewart Road West
Sunridge Court
Swick Road
Tanager Court
Tanager Drive
Thalia Street
Thrasher Avenue
Timberline Road
Trillium Lane
Trimble Lane
Trumpeter Road
Tulameen Road
Uplands Court
Uplands Drive
Viewcrest Court
Viewcrest Road
Weiss Court
Westridge Court
Westridge Drive
Windsong Crescent
Winslow Street
Wisteria Court
Woodridge Court
Woodridge Road
Wren Place